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Daily Bread Lunch Program - Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions

How may I help?

You can help in a many ways. Groups may volunteer to prepare food in the kitchen and individuals may volunteer to prep bags, plate desserts and other tasks.

Whom do I contact?

For volunteers call Amy Crouser, (325) 284-2167. All others call Jessica Hoidahl at (575) 386-7157.

Where are you located?

301 W. 18th Street, San Angelo, Texas 76903, located inside Wesley Trinity United Methodist Church.

Do I need to be with a group to serve?

No, please call and see what days are best to serve.

What are the hours?

11:00AM – 12:50PM Monday – Saturday

Are you open on Holidays?

Daily Bread is open on holidays. It is closed on Election Day because Wesley Trinity is an election site.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, you can mail or drop off your monetary donation at the office, 301 W 18th Street. Receipts for tax purposes, upon request. Call in advance to see if we can accept any food donations.

Is Daily Bread affiliated with a religious organization?

Daily Bread Lunch Program is a Ministry of Wesley Trinity United Methodist Church. Many churches, families, companies, and individuals participate in the Ministry.