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Daily Bread Lunch Program - Homepage


The Daily Bread Soup Lunch Program is among the most successful community outreach programs in the San Angelo District. Conceived in 1984 out of a concern for God's less fortunate and homeless people, it is an excellent example of Christians in action.

Open 11:00 a.m.–12:50 p.m., Monday through Saturday, Daily Bread feeds 250 people or more daily. We provided over 57,000 meals in 2022, and over 68,400 meals in 2023, and are on track to exceed those numbers in 2024.

Recognizing that many of our patrons feel incredibly isolated during Christmas and other holidays, Daily Bread is open on most holidays and serves special holiday meals for its patrons. A full-course meal, gifts, and other activities help to brighten the season for our San Angelo neighbors.