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How It All Started

During the early 1980s, many people from all walks of life, single, married, and with families, including those with and without transportation, would come to Wesley United Methodist Church needing money, food, or medicine. We saw many hungry children who sometimes required medical attention. Wesley United Methodist Church, big in faith and trusting in the Lord, knew that because of God's unlimited resources, there would always be food in the pantry, thus enabling us to provide food and help them on their way.

An idea for feeding our neighbors came during these economically challenging times when many people had lost their jobs, homes, and livelihoods. Reverend Eugene Raphael, the Pastor of the Wesley United Methodist Church at the time, shared plans for a Soup Kitchen with Reverend Robert Hedges of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. Rev. Hedges and his congregation decided to partner in this Ministry, helping people experiencing food insecurity.